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Tradition has its role, and we learn from past experiences; however, progress cannot be stopped and one needs to constantly apply timeless concepts in the context of new technologies, current needs, and new ideas emerging around us.


Reproductive health practices hold centre stage in health care. Andrology has only been studied as a distinct specialty since the late 1960s but unfortunately, still except in a few countries andrology remains a sub-specialty area within urology. Found in 1988, the Society of Andrology: India deals with this counterpart of gynaecology, emphasizing on problems of the reproductive system and urological problems that are unique to men. This is a forum for basic scientists, clinicians, veterinary practitioners and students of Andrology from all over the country.


Concepts such as “male fertility control” or “male factor infertility” require sincere emphasis. After so many years of study we now see these concepts are not yet well perceived.


Research and development is now leading to socially acceptable and safe contraceptives having additional medical benefits. While some men are contraceptive users today, current method options are limited. Evidence indicates that many men would welcome more method options, to meet their own needs and goals and to provide a way for them to participate in contraception in a more collaborative way with their partner.


Irrespective of population boom of the world, there are plethora of reproductive aged couples who are victims of infertility. There are many biological causes of infertility, many of which may be bypassed with current medical interventions.


Finally, with the cooperation of all well wishers the Society hopes to grow and contribute significantly to this field.


Prof. Sujoy K. Guha


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